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Qatar's First Edible Oil Refinery


Sunflower Oil

This oil has a light taste that brings out the natural taste of food and lets the flavors shine through.

Available in 750ml, 1.8 Ltr3 Ltr, and 5 Ltr

Corn Oil

Zain Corn Oil is the perfect balance between health benefits and taste. Low in saturated fats Zain Corn Oil helps you and your family stay fit and active.


Available in 750ml, 1.8 Ltr, 3 Ltr, and 5 Ltr

Frying Oil

Produced for the sole purpose of frying. It is best frying oil for all your deep-frying needs, making your food extra crispy in taste and to the touch.

Available in 750ml, 1.8 Ltr

Cooking Oil

This is a budget-friendly, versatile, all-purpose oil, perfect for cooking, frying, and baking

Available in 1.8 Ltr

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