Qatar's First Edible Oil Refinery


Sunflower Oil

Made of 100% pure sunflower oil, it's exceptionally light on your stomach and promotes a healthy lifestyle with enriched vitamins A, D & E.

Available in 750ml, 1.8 Ltr, 3 Ltr, and 5 Ltr

Corn Oil

Yara Pure Corn Oil adds a great taste to your everyday cuisines. It is the perfect oil to be used in every recipe that calls for corn oil. Enriched with Vitamins A, D, and E


Available in 750ml, 1.8 Ltr, 3 Ltr, and 5 Ltr

Frying Oil

Made from a balanced blend of oils, this oil is trans-fat free and can be used for various cooking and frying purposes.

Available in 750ml, 1.8 Ltr

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